7 Minute Itch: Taking the Fizz Out of the Game

mumbai indians break

It is hard to explain the time break when the game is seeing so many rain stops anyway. How does Lalit Modi expect to have fans glued to the channel for the seven and a half minutes after fans would have been tested waiting one and a half hours for the game to start?
It is hard to imagine Modi and his IPL team announcing a retraction and taking away the ‘ad break’ following player retaliation and viewer backlash, not after so much money has been pumped into the coffers by way of that air time alone!
But even players and teams that enjoyed the break to watch the opposition team lose momentum have been cautious to state that the time out could actually work against them as well and so will not go out and endorse it. Sachin Tendulkar himself stated the time out was actually slowing down the game.
Others such as Daniel Vettori and Harbhajan Singh have been very careful with their words knowing that the time out could cause their own team troubles and not entirely singing praises. Shane Warne said he understood the economics of the game but was not sure what it was doing for the game.
As a viewer, it is easy to see how quickly the remote is reached for when the final ball of the tenth over is bowled, how seven and a half minutes is enough time to catch up on all the pending chores or the soap opera on another channel. It is easy to see how much easier it is to ignore the match when rain has already disrupted the game long enough to frustrate viewers, already expressing their angst after they are clearly not feeling the love of having the IPL taken out of India to South Africa.

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