Ajay Jadeja Alleges Racial Discrimination in KKR Camp


Former Indian cricketer Ajay Jadeja has come out with a sensational allegation against the foreign coachign team in the Kolkata Knight Riders dressing room.
Ajay Jadeja, who himself saw his career shortened after allegations of match fixing were levelled aggainst him, has spoken out about some of the players in the Knight Riders dressing room talking about racial bias.
He quoted one of the players as saying that he was told, “You Indian, you are to do as you are told.” when he questioned why he was called off the field.
Sunil Gavaskar had earlier criticised the over emphasis on the foreign coaching team which has comprised as many members as the team itself and included John Buchanan’s son Michael amongst other “friends”.
Reports now state that it was Andy Bichel who slurred Ajit Agarkar in the more unpleasant manner possible between team mates from different regions.
There appears no end in sight ever since the KKR indulged in controversy with their multiple captain theory.

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