Andrew John Strauss– The Captain with a wee bit too much on his Platter.

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by Veena Gabriel

That is the new Captain of England, the man who replaced Kevin Pietersen, arguably the best batsman in the England team and now who will be playing as a team member.
Pietersen is Strauss’ first concern, knowing the circumstances in which Kevin was outwitted of his captaincy, the support which Kevin expected from the senior players including Strauss against the coach Peter Moores which never came. Time and again Strauss is giving statements that Kevin is a first and foremost a cricketer and will give his best to the game in the forth coming Caribbean Tour. Is it Strauss’ way of reassuring himself that he will be getting the desperately needed full support of Kevin?
Second, Andrew would have to deal with the dressing room divisions. He may say that we are a united team but after the Kevin debacle he would have to be very vigilant and try to suppress any problem at the grass root level. He knows he would require the full support of senior players for this.
Thirdly Strauss may have to go in for the tour without a head coach and he is sincerely hoping that he gets a say in the choice of new coach but as everyone knows this point can be debatable.
Lastly but not the least, Strauss has to prove himself, not only as a good captain but also as a great cricketer, a player whom the team could look up to.
Despite all the odds, Strauss remains optimistic, planning to be a long time captain for team England to form a stable team.
This is something which time alone can show and everyone will be eagerly waiting to see the outcome.

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