Be Careful Of Dressing Room Divisions– Strauss Warned

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by Veena Gabriel

After Andrew Strauss appealed for the support of the so called stronger faction in the dressing room of the England Team to make an effort to work together for the team, he received an advice and a warning from none other than the man who was the England coach for seven years and stepped down in 2007, yes, none other than Duncan Fletcher.
Fletcher has warned Strauss that it is possible that he would face ego clashes and other related problems in the dressing room.
Fletcher feels that because Kevin Pieterson the captain who had to step down because he did not get the support of senior players such as Andrew Flintoff when he was fighting with the ECB against Moores, there are chances of divisions in the dressing room as Kevin is playing the game as a team member and not as the captain. There can be proKP and antiKP camps. These can be a source of irritation for the new captain.
As such Andrew Strauss himself has to prove himself worthy of the responsibility given to him and also prove his own words he said in his press conference when he took over the captaincy of England that he was the right man for the job, he also has to prove himself as a cricketer and also get the support of his team especially the senior members.
As for Kevin he will be able to retain his position as England’s No. 1 ,all he has to do is to score a century in the Caribbeans and all this controversy will be forgotten, so says the Ex Skipper Micheal Vaughan .
Strauss he has a lot to prove.For him “Captaincy is a Crown of Thorns”.

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