Brotherly Pairs on Opposite Sides in a Single Twenty20 Match!

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It was an usual sight to watch two bowlers bowl in tandem and have the same names on their backs! Such was this Twenty20 match that both teams enjoyed having the resources of two families during a sterling job for their country.
The second Twenty20 match between South Africa and Australia in Brisbane saw an unusual sight. Australia fielded both Hussey brothers. While David Hussey played in the first match, Michael Hussey was included in the second, and eventually turned out to be the right decision for the Australians.
But South Africa had familial ties too. Albie Morkel played in the first Twenty20 match in Melbourne, his first match of the series while Morne Morkel showed his coming of age during the Test series. Now Morne joined elder brother Albie in the second Twenty20 match, making this an astonishing game of two brothers, of two families who have every reason to be proud of their sons.