Congress: Modi Has No Right to Take IPL out of Jaipur

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While Modi is threatened Jaipur with dire threats, the political party is alleging that Modi enjoys no such rights.
Lalit Modi, the IPL Commissioner, was perhaps irked at the latest FIR to sort out, alleging that the promised sum of six crores rupees were not deposited towards the blast victims in Jaipur, which led to his threatening to deprive Jaipur of playing hosts during the IPL.
However, C.P. Joshi, the Congress party’s state president, is making a strong statement stating that the Rajasthan government would never attempt to throw a spanner in the works of the IPL, especially in the city.
He stated, “Thee chief minister has said and I would also like to say on behalf of the people of Rajasthan that IPL should be held in Rajasthan. The Government will cooperate fully. RCA officials have differences among them. Due to their internal differences, Lalit Modi has no right to deprive the cricket loving people of Rajasthan of IPL.”
Shane Warne has threatened to leave the Rajasthan Royals team if Jaipur is pulled off as a venue.
Can Modi wriggle out of this mess and restore IPL to its heady days of unparalled attention, next to Modi only of course as the tables have been reversed?

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