Crisis Hits England: KP Threatens to Quit Over Vaughan, Moores

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A situation is apparently brewing and not just in the Australian camp as captains are increasingly showing intolerance when not presented with the team of their choice.
There are different ways in which captains express their frustration at not being given the team they think will best help achieve the goals set. One that is becoming common now perhaps is captains threatening to give up their job if their demands are not met with.
The latest in such news come from England where Kevin Pietersen is apparently appalled and unhappy that England coach Peter Moores did not make a greater pitch to ensure that former England skipper Michael Vaughan was retained in the team for West Indies with the eye on the bigger picture, the forthcoming Ashes.
Pietersen, who is on holiday in Africa, only got to know of the final selections after it had been revealed that Vaughan would not be a part of the touring team to the Caribbean. This had come after Pietersen had assured Vaughan that the latter was very much in the frame towards taking England forward.
While out of form Ian Bell and Owais Shah were included in the touring party, apparently the England coach was vociferously against the inclusion of Vaughan in the team, leading to a greater friction between the already fractious nature of the relationship between Moores and KP, leading KP to even assume that from here on either Moores stay on as coach or be retained as skipper.
Pietersen is already said to be in a different mould than Moores which meant that the former took on the skipper’s role only after having sorted out his differences with the coach or so it was believed at the time. Now it is obvious Pietersen does not want a man he cannot rely on to be his voice in the selection room and cannot be a strategist outside for the sake of the team.
Pietersen is a head strong individual, uncompromising when it comes to his own games and his own values. But now with the interest of England at heart, he is once again using his influence to ensure he has the best men, in his opinion, on board at all costs.
The outcome of this outburst is yet to be ascertained as Pietersen has asked for a special meeting to be set up with ECB chairman Gilles Clark.
However it now appears that the England Managing Director, Hugh Morris, will now act as mediator to help England get over this latest crisis. As Clarke put it himself, “I have no plans to meet Kevin Pietersen, who I believe is on holiday, or Peter Moores. All team matters are dealt with by Hugh Morris, who is going on holiday soon. There will be a full review of the tour of India, which was a difficult tour in view of what happened before it. I don’t believe this stuff I’m reading about Michael Vaughan.”
Mahendra Singh Dhoni himself is reported to have threatened to put in his resignation papers as RP Singh was dropped for Irfan Pathan during the one day international series against England before terror attacks in Mumbai curtailed the series from being completed.
One can only wonder: are England sabotaging their own chances by throwing the doors open to civil disobedience where Australia appears theirs, actually anybody’s, for the taking?

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