Dhoni Battles Media; But What of Sehwag?


It’s now confirmed that Virender Sehwag will not play any part in the ICC World Twenty20 in England. But why then was the Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni such an agitated, unforthcoming, perhaps even arrogant, man at the press conference? Can there be smoke without fire?
Sehwag sustained a shoulder injury that has failed to heal and will now require surgery. This explains why Sehwag has been largely inconspicuous with the rest of the Indian team. Dinesh Karthik will now replace him.
But what is inexplicable is why Dhoni would shroud the whole matter in such mystery. It is one thing to hide from the opposition of the team’s weaknesses but this goes much beyond. His evasiveness certainly struck a weird chord not only with journalists but also, former cricketers.
The assumption then that all is not well in the camp was but natural given that Sehwag himself was kept out of the Commonwealth Bank series though by his own admission, he was raring to go.
But why was Dhoni more willing to engage the media in a duel rather than simply state the facts? He does that rather elaborately well at the post match presentations, so what was keeping him from being forthright here as well?
It is one thing for the BCCI for clarify the issue about the fitness of a player but did Dhoni have to be as guarded as he has been?

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