‘Fugitive’ Zulqarnain Haider Not Allowed to Meet Family Who are Detained at Lahore Airport

zulqarnain haiders brother

The Pakistan cricketer is in deeper trouble than previously gauged as his family cannot meet him because they cannot get past the airport authorities!
The former Pakistan wicket keeper, Zulqarnain Haider, is holed up in London while his family – his wife, Shazia, and children – have been detained and prevented from travelling to see him.

Haider had fled from Dubai to London without informing any of the Pakistan cricket officials, alleging contact and harassment from bookies during the Pakistan South Africa series in the UAE. Thereafter, Haider has received a cold response from the Pakistan Cricket Board and authorities.

Now it appears that even as Haider is threatening legal action against the PCB for maligning his image even as he believes he is on the right side, the situation has distinctly gone more grim as Haider has been branded a ‘fugitive’ by the PCB officials and all that his family has been told as they remain baffled is that they will need to get in touch with the PCB and British High Commission before they embark on a trip to London.

There has been a great deal of speculation that Haider is seeking political asylum with some even suggesting that to be the real reason for Haider’s hurried exit. Perhaps it is those concerns that are forcing the family to go through this ordeal.

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