Get Off that Elephant, Kevin— Nasser Hussain

January 8, 2009

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by Veena Gabriel

The former England captain Naseer Hussian is angry, angry at the way claims, counter claims, denials have been dogging England cricket for the last one week. He considers this even worse than the Ashes whitewash.
Above all he is angry at the way Kevin Pietersen, he erstwhile now former captain of England, went to South Africa, presumably on a safari, sat on an elephant and issued ultimatums to the England Cricket Board about his captaincy.
As per Nasser Kevin should have got off his backside, come to England, sat down with the bosses, and discussed with them the best way to progress. What has happened last week was very poor indeed for a lot of people.
Nasser was the England Captain for 45 matches between 1999 to 2003. He is also sore with the ECB for not dealing with the conflict between Pietersen and Moores effectively and quickly. He said that ECB knew about Pietersen and the type of person he was.

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Nasser was quite vitriolic about Kevin- calling him abrasive, he way he took people on, the way he asked questions of people and when he was going in for captaincy, he was going to be in your (ECB) face.
Nasser said that the England Cricket Board should have had premonitions about the lashes between Moore and Peitersen and they should have been prepared to face that appropriately.
Lord MacLaurin, the former ECB Chairman, went a step further and accused Peiterson of “abusing the captaincy”.
Talk about sore losers! None of this controversy would have surfaced if there not had been a “No-Show” in India.

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