Hayden Respects Bhajji !

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by Veena Gabriel

Yes, it is a fact, Matthew Hayden the great Cricketer on the 10th position of all time Greats in the ICC list, respects our firebrand Bowler Harbhajjan.

Hayden praised Bhajji for looking after and caring for his family. Obviously this point is common between the two as even Hayden is fiercely possessive of his family.
As far as cricket is concerned, Hayden admitted that the relationship between Bhajji and himself was not tension free on the pitch since Bhajji paid back the Australian’s sledging in the same coin, the atmosphere was far from cordial.
Strangely Hayden admits that it was a valid reason for him to show Bhajji what he could do. When he was playing a practice match, he was deliberately playing in a very shabby manner so as not to show the Indian his tactics or strategies. When Bhajji told him very sincerely that he hoped that Hayden got picked for Australian team, Hayden just smiled, telling him just to wait and see.
Hayden gave his answer when he hit Bhajji’s first ball in the test,top of the mid off. Owing to the language barrier Hayden admits it was not a very polite response but it was a befitting answer to all the jibes he had heard from Bhajji.
There was always a tense atmosphere when Harbhajjan and Hayden were on the field and Hayden very candidly admit that there were verbal exchanges in the SCG but as per him being so much at stake, everyone was tense and under so much of strain the words which come out at such an situation do not have any relevance whatsoever.
An explanation which should have come much earlier.

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