Imran Khan, Kapil Dev See “IPL” At Fault for Auction Fiasco

imran khan ap

While Imran Khan believes the IPL snub is a punishment for 26/11, Kapil Dev pins the blame squarely on the IPL.
The former Indian captain felt that the IPL governing council was to blame for the fiasco of the IPL 3 auctions where none of the Pakistan cricketers were picked by any of the IPL franchisees. But he refused to be drawn into blaming the Indian government for it.
The former Pakistan captain, who is also the leader of a political outfit in Pakistan, was even more scathing, stating that this was India’s way of extracting revenge for the terror attacks on 26/11/08 in Mumbai. But he felt that Pakistan was as much a victim of terrorism and that this trading of the blame game was simply escalating on the cricket field.

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