Jonty Rhodes Shows Why Buchanan’s Theory Could Work

jonty on safari

While the fire first started during the press conference that John Buchanan and Sourav Ganguly presented themselves at with the multiple captain theory has barely defused with Shah Rukh Khan tendering apology to Sunil Gavaskar, Jonty Rhodes has reignited the topic by stating how it has worked in the past.
Jonty Rhodes, former ace fielder in the South African team and now consultant for the Mumbai Indians team in the IPL 2 season believes Buchanan’s theory for the Kolkata Knight Riders holds merit.
Jonty stressed on the fact that the captain has a million things running through his mind and always ensuring that his fielders are up and motivated cannot become one of his jobs. Jonty spoke about the time when Hansie Cronje was the captain of the South African team. Cronje held Jonty in a position and role where the latter watched over the field to ensure all the fielders were responsible for the task and role and alert at all times.
Jonty spoke about how as a facilitator to the team, he was in a position to be able to point out to a fielder, without insulting him or bringing him down, how a particular job could have been handled better. Jonty stated that while no name had been attached, fielding captain was as good as any.

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