KKR Bosses Hold Emergency Meeting with Dada, Buchanan

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It is becoming increasingly apparent that no one quite knows who’s running the show in the Kolkata Knight Riders’ camp and the boss does not know who is the boss!
Shah Rukh Khan is in a catch 22 situation. If he follows John Buchanan’s theory purely on cricket grounds, the move could either spur or further sink his IPL team. If he sticks to Sourav Ganguly, he faces the same problems afflicting issues surrounding senior players. And if he rids his team of Dada, he can kiss Kolkata goodbye.
SRK confused viewers even more when he spoke from the Fashion Week Show when he stated that Buchanan did not mean four different captains in a single match but rather perhaps a rotation of a captain for every match. But Buchanan had clearly stated he wanted a captain for each discipline such as batting, field and even one for the toss!
SRK further stated that Sourav Ganguly would not be losing the captaincy. But if someone else is wearing the crown, pray where does that leave Dada?
After security had to be enhanced for Buchanan in Kolkata, the KKR management has taken a tight lipped stand on the issue, unwilling to speak or make a decision about the team or of appointing a captain, which would perhaps have been more appreciated being done in front of home fans, already denied the opportunity to watch their favourite team and cricketers in the stadiums here in India.
Apparently, there are wary of a backlash if Buchanan’s theories are carried out and further at any changes in the team that could give their fans further reason to be incensed. With the team now slated to fly down to South Africa in batches, Shah Rukh Khan is holding a meeting at his home, Mannat, here in Mumbai and amongst those slated to attend include Dada, Buchanan amongst other co franchisees, namely Jai Mehta and Juhi Chawla.
Will they arrive at a consensus before they leave India? May be another press conference after the meeting will simplify and clarify where KKR are heading.

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