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No more hunting in IPL for the Bengal Tiger Sourav Ganguly

October 31, 2012

Sourav Ganguly – “Dada” as everyone in the field and outside it calls him, has always proven his worth as a youngster, bowler’s nightmare and a true captain of the Indian cricket team. while he wore the batting gloves, the opponent bowlers always felt some thrashing sessions are there in their way. No matter what, Sourav always plays his game his way and has made it to success most of the times. When now he has left cricket as well as the IPL team of Kolkata Knight Riders, it still seems that he doesn’t need to hunt anymore for the IPL captainship or team membership as well. Ganguly has always been a champ and really behaved like one both on and off the field. If he wishes, he can definitely get better chances to play cricket while in IPL with different top notch teams.

Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly


Ganguly has always had a winning attitude and this is what has bought him to pinnacles of success throughout his entire ODI career as well as in the IPL matches. However, there is always a best time, a good time and then of course a worse time for every top-notch player of cricket. Same instances have also been faced by our “Dada” who felt like a prince on top of the world at some winning instances and disgusted while losing some of the games. The game of cricket is actually like that – at times you win by miles and at times you lose by a few yards! Ganguly has however always maintained his rhythm, cool attitude and behavior both while he won and lost the game of cricket.

Sourav has always been high and mighty at his attitude levels which is why he was once considered the best Indian captain ever. Dada can still show up his performance in any of the IPL matches and will accolades for the same.

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