Pressure on England in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 after Ashes, ICC Cricket World Cup 2010

england team pep talk

England are beginning with plans anew and putting the fatigue of the Australia ODIs behind them as they meet one of their most memorable opponents, Netherlands, who would want to remind them of the ICC World Twenty20 2009 but not if England can help it in the Orange City as Nagpur is known.
Andrew Strauss will have a new opening partner officially in Kevin Pietersen. England are hoping that this new combination will get their ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 going after the rather insipid end to their tour of Australia where they managed to retain the Ashes to top off a great run that has seen them win the ICC World Twenty20 2010.

Netherlands want to prove a point to the ICC and they would like to do by beating England once more, as they did in the Twenty20 competition previously. However, it will be a hard act to emulate given that the England from 2009 is not quite the team that it is today.

Despite the several injury niggles that undid England at the end of the tour of Australia and notwithstanding the ODI results, the England captain thinks that England have been able to put the past success and the accompanying fatigue and injuries behind them to build themselves up once more for the ICC Cricket World Cup where England have failed to leave their mark in the previous few editions. The England of new promises to change that trend. It remains to be seen how hungry they continue to be for success and rise.

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