RCB Change Cheerleaders, Threaten to Get Bolder

washingtonrg6 red skins

There is reason for cheer in the Royal Challengers Bangalore camp. Not only do they have Mallya’s favourite, Kevin Pietersen, leading the team but a new bunch of cheerleaders who promise to take it up a notch.
Last year, the IPL organizers, in a devious move to titillate fans, asked the franchisee owners to arrange their own set of cheerleaders. Vijay Mallya scored the highest marks by signing on the Washington Redskins. It also led to the typical objections raised by certain fans as well as politicians in the country that made the Delhi Daredevils cancel their squad midway through the tournament.
Now the Royal Challengers have new cheerleaders, the Varsity Cheerleaders from the USA, and their squad of twenty-four is not expected to face the same opposition given that the IPL 2 has now been moved to South Africa. Appropriately named White Michief Gals after Mallya’s White Mischief line of liquor, the girls are expected to be bolder and more fan indulgent without last year’s concerns over morality, and therefore, expect the RCB team, the cheerleading team at least, to perk up the spirits (pun intended).
There is a fair argument that cricket has been entertainment enough without the need for cheerleaders. As a mere addition to the fanfare, clowns should be allowed as well or perhaps an entire circus!

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