Speed denounces critics on organisation of the World Cup

April 24, 2007

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World cup 2007 has attracted everyone’s attention for most of the wrong reasons. First, the exit of India and Pakistan– then, Bob Woolmer’s death. Moreover, the length of the tournament has also received a lot of criticism. Now, when only but three games out of the total 51 remain, ICC chief executive Malcolm Speed denounces all the criticism.

Speed has hit back at criticism of the organization of the World Cup, high ticket prices and poor attendances at some games.

The prospects of the semi-finals are mouth-watering but less so is criticism of the tournament. No-one ever pretended this would be a straightforward event to stage. There have been plenty of positives, and they outweigh the negatives,

Speed said.

Speed was very dynamic on saying that India and Pakistan’s exit from the world cup had cost the tournament in terms of supporters but, contrarily it showed that cricket does exist outside the top eight sides.

Replying to questions on the organization of the tournament, Speed replied,

To those people who have said the tournament has been too long, it is worth pointing out that there are three fewer matches this time, compared to four years ago, despite an additional two teams taking part. It would have been great if every one of the stadia had been full for every match, but that has not happened. Ticket pricing may have been an issue, although we would maintain that US$25 (£12.47) is a fair price for a global event.

No doubt, the tournament lost the shine when India and Pakistan made their exit, but, the competition has been kept alive by teams like Australia, Sri Lanka, South Africa and New Zealand who have performed at their level best. There have been millions of viewers watching the world cup Live from a number of channels. The excitement has gone to the wire, with the final on April 28, anything can happen. Who will win is yet to be seen.



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