Tendulkar’s Neighbours Flee; Assume Gunshot is Terror Attack

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The quiet of the morning in the peaceful residence of India’s cricketing jewel was shattered as gun shot burst through. His neighbours fled: was this another attack in less than a week?
As it turned out, one of the guards deputised to watch over Sachin Tendulkar’s residence at La Mer, Bandra in Mumbai suffered an accident when the 9mm pistol he was taking from the man he was relieving from last night’s duty went off.
Chandrasen Chigvan is one of the security in charge of preserving the cricketer’s safety. He belongs to the special protection unit of the Mumbai police and serves as a constable. He was taking up his 8 am duty when he injured his hand in the accidental misfire, according to the senior police inspector of the Bandra Police Station, Prakash George.
Apparently, when Sachin was informed of it, he, along with his wife, Anjali, rushed the constable to the Lilavati Hospital when his condition is said to be improving.
But it certainly left some already terrified Mumbai residents even more petrified as passer-bys recounted fearing the worst and taking to their heels.

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