The Woolmer saga awaits April the 23rd

woolmer inquest 54The murder investigation of Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer had faded in the lime light, though a ray of hope ignites with the reports of the inquest into the death, scheduled for April 23. Patrick Murphy, the Kingston coroner, is presumed to conduct an inquiry at the Jamaica Conference centre.

The premature death was a cataclysmic surprise for the entire cricketing fraternity – it has been some 26 days from the incident already, but the Jamaican police have failed to curb the mounting international inquisitiveness concerning the death.

What is it? The inaptness of the cops or has the money might prompted the turmoil to die – whatever it is! The world has taken the murder as a derivative of the intense shadow of gambling in the game, inevitably.

There have been many from the passionate stands that have since advocated on the game being under heavy buck influence – match fixing has been a driving force in the shorter version – yes, there is no denying the sleaze, just not today but since Hence Cronje’s affirmation, unfortunately though, it took a death to acquaint all.

Woolmer, possible had the insight of the rampant corruption in the game – ranging from Africa to the Indian sub continent, and that is what the English had scribbled in the manuscripts – the two books that he was writing.

Where will all this end, or will it ever end – no clues. What is perhaps noteworthy – is what doomsday April the 23 reveals.