Veena Mallik, Mohammad Asif’s Ex, Is Evicted From Bigg Boss 4 House in Tears

veena mallik 1 ap

If there is one thing that can be said about Veena Mallik is that she probably has bad taste in men. That would explain Mohammad Asif for one.
Veena got herself implicated in the match fixing scandal in a counterattack after he stated that Dheeraj Dixit, a freelance photographer was in cohorts with her ex-boyfriend, the Pakistan fast bowler, in fixing matches.

That, however, only stepped up the fame factor for the Pakistan actress who gladly accepted the opportunity to participate in the Indian version of Big Brother, Bigg Boss season 4. And she certainly did not waste time, quickly shedding tears about her alleged brutal relationship with Asif and then gave her heart away to one of the contestants.

However, at the time of leaving Bigg Boss, Veena entrenched herself as Ashmit Patel‘s sidekick, doing all his menial chores as he continued to save himself while giving her guru gyan on behaviour himself, although labelled by everyone else in the house as being anything but good and decent.

It is hard to imagine that Veena is not pitching herself for Bollywood, banking on the initial fame or notoriety through Asif, in the manner in which she kept projecting herself as a sex symbol. It then sounded a little silly that she would claim that fellow contestant, Dolly Bindra, had brought indignity to women when she herself had her character questioned by all in the house and in the outside in the manner in which she flirted.

The reality television show and the Colors channel indeed milked Veena’s drama to the hilt to raise their own TRP’s. From cricketers to infamous actors, where does Veena Mallik go next? Asif is still fighting the allegations with the ICC Hearing set for early January when his suspension could turn into a ban if he is proved guilty of match fixing.

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