Veena Mallik Opens up on Bigg Boss 4 about Mohammad Asif

veena mallik ap

The Pakistan actress may be in indirect trouble from political parties such as Shiv Sena. But while inside she opened up about her troubled relationship with Pakistan fast bowler, Mohammad Asif.
Even as Shiv Sena attempts to bring Bigg Boss 4, the television reality show, to a halt because of the presence of Pakistanis on the show, it has been a relatively unaffected atmosphere inside the house where Veena spoke about how Asif’s troubles caught her eye even as she was in another relationship.
Veena Mallik claims she helped a penniless Asif back on his feet by hiring him the best of staff, processing his paper work even during the IPL and his drug tainted days even as she knew of his womanizing ways. Veena claimed Asif had four girlfriends in India and another equal number in Pakistan as some scattered as far as South Africa and Australia and that Asif always claimed to be faithful to her.
Veena also claimed that not only did Asif refuse to return the money she loaned him but also, that he was an alcoholic, that he would beat her up in front of his friends, that he was jealous that she was more popular in Pakistan and that he was addicted to taking drugs while also diagnosed with a multiple personality disorder syndrome. She claims her relationship was so torrid she has decided to steer clear and stay single for the next couple of years.

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