World Test Championship to be Postponed; Financial Considerations to Blame

Test cricket

The much hyped and proposed World Test Championship seems to have been benched and not surprising money seems to be the single deciding factor.

While Test cricket does have its ardent set of followers, there has been a great deal of concern that there are not too many by ways of sponsors and broadcasters, particularly over the response in certain Test playing teams to the give day format. In that light, every Test series between two strong rivals has received a great deal of attention and mileage in a bid to revive interest in the masses.

The World Test championship was proposed to reduce the redundancy of certain bilateral series and lend added weightage and meaning to every contest. Aimed at finding the champion over the course of a four year period, the format was expected to get underway in 2013 with the ICC excited at the prospect to sell Test cricket in a new format to discern the champions from the contenders.

However, following the success of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 wherein it was displayed amply that the one day game still held in relevance, to subject Test cricket to similar test and opportunity seems to have been brought to an unexpected break. That is because it would appear that the broadcasters and sponsors need convincing that abandoning something like the ICC Champions Trophy for the World Test championship would involve remuneration in equal measure given that the one day game and Twenty20 have been really been able to rake in the moolah and financial considerations have been a serious concern especially in certain countries that boast of being cricket loving but fail to match that when it comes to cricket.

Financial viability of the format is now what is assumed to holding back progress towards a Test championship, putting some serious concerns on the table.