Zulqarnain Haider Calls its Quits From Pakistan Cricket After Being Spotted in London

zulqarnain haider in london

The Pakistan wicket keeper, who mysteriously disappeared from his hotel room in Dubai, was found in London not wanting to play for Pakistan cricket anymore.

Zulqarnain Haider disappeared without notice from his hotel room in Dubai where Pakistan are playing South Africa in a series. He was later discovered to have travelled to London and discovered at the Heathrow Airport.

Upon arriving, Haider stated he was under tremendous pressure from a man who threatened him to fix the fourth and fifth ODI of the Pakistan South Africa series and decided to opt out rather than sell out Pakistan cricket. Reiterating that there were death threats to his family in Pakistan, Haider was seeking political asylum in England.

Haider has rubbed Pakistan Cricket Board the wrong way though by not informing them which many have interpreted as all not being well within the PCB. Haider stated his discomfort in wanting to talk to PCB officials, which has caused a flutter as well. At twenty-four years of age, Haider has given him his budding cricket career in the face of trouble within Pakistan cricket.