Zulqarnain Haider Receives Calls After Threats to Exposure Corruption in Pakistan Cricket

zulqarnain haider explains

The drama surrounding Pakistan wicket keeper, Zulqarnain Haider, refuses to die down. Amidst reports of lack of support from Pakistan, criticism from team mates and Haider himself defiant comes news that his revelations are coming with the rider of threats to his family.
It may be recalled that Haider left the Pakistan cricket team in Dubai and without informing anyone landed in London wherein he suggested that he had fled from furious bookmakers who were after him to fix matches against South Africa.

Haider’s move failed to find sympathy from anyone in Pakistan cricket circles. He even earned the ire from the Pakistan captain, Shahid Afridi. Their character assassination of Haider has not gone down well with the wicket keeper who claimed on his social networking page that he would bring to light those in Pakistan cricket who were selling the sport for money.

This is what Haider posted on his Facebook page:

All these people who are saying negative things about me, they should wait for five more days, then I will show them my background and status.
After five days I will show them their background and place, and also those who don’t take money and those who have taken money.

However, that threat to reveal all is coming at a price for Haider’s family who have been receiving phone calls that suggest that his family could be in danger if Haider does actually reveal names of those within Pakistan cricket who are colluding with bookies.

The dark cloud of match fixing has made it difficult not only for the ICC to catch cricketers who engage in nefarious activities but also, to protect those that may have information on the reported link between bookies and cricketers. Under the circumstances will Haider come forward with the truth and can the ICC sift the truth from the rumours? In the mean time, Haider’s family in Pakistan is seeking police protection in view of the threatening calls.

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